Our Team

We’re a team of digital creators
who are excited about new ideas

A cliché, but it is true in our case: the secret to success rests inside our team. As a unit, the employees here are all outstanding, but when they work in tandem, they create an atmosphere that is both rewarding and fun to be a part of. Each member of the DV Tech team has a same goal: to provide consistently great results for their clients while also making the agency an enjoyable, inclusive, and challenging place to work and grow one’s career.

The team that we’ve assembled is something we’re quite proud of. For as long as we can remember, DV Tech has been known for its ability to bring together extraordinary people who all share the same vision and passion for helping our customers succeed.

That DV Tech isn’t an advertising firm, though, is a misnomer. Each member of our team is unique, but we are united by a set of five guiding principles that influence everything we do at the agency.

Dwarkesh Vyas

Managing Director

Many looks to him for guidance and inspiration, since he is the Managing Director of DVtech Solution and a role model to many on our team. DVtech is fortunate to have him leading a creative team of photographers and videographers that are grateful for the chance to work with him. Jodhpur, Rajasthan, is home to DVtech’s activities as the city’s Managing Director. Regional expansion and expansion of services are part of the agency’s overall growth for him.

Nidhi Vyas

Chief Executive Officer

Nidhi heads a smart, results-oriented team renowned for its reputation for offering comprehensive, integrated marketing and strategic communications advise that produces genuine company outcomes. At DVtech, Nidhi’s fundamental goal being the CEO is to make it the greatest B2B marketing firm in the state/country, and she is also motivated by a desire to foster a working environment in which all of her workers are able to perform at the highest level of their abilities.

Sushma Sharma

Website Designer & Developer

Sushma’s portfolio is full of creative ideas that are both engaging and successful in meeting and surpassing the demands and expectations of the clients we serve. To get to the bottom of a problem and come up with innovative solutions, she understands how to ask the hard questions. Her previous projects include website design, logo creation, brand overhaul, advertising, and print layout. she is an expert in these fields.

Yukta Dave

Digital Marketing Executive

Yukta is a Digital Marketing Executive who collaborates with the digital team to develop and execute successful digital initiatives. She tries to achieve the greatest outcomes for her customers by combining creative marketing and analytics insights, as well as a solid expertise in client-facing positions and content production and working with Web Designers to enhance user experience.

Lakshay Purohit

Video Editor & Graphic Designer

For the last two years, Lakshay has been working as a designer, following his wanderlust and need for new experiences. As a former online and mobile app visual designer, he brings a unique set of skills to his role as a video editor at DVtech Solution. Lakshay works closely with the team to create visual representations of complicated data discoveries, such as infographics, to communicate the findings.

Divya Vyas

Content Writer

Divya is a Jodhpur-based content creator. She is in charge of a broad range of B2B IT companies’ long-form content strategy and execution. Content for blogs, websites, and white papers is written by her, which is optimized for search engines. Brand identification and clear, consistent writing are Divya’s two favorite things in the world to work with.

Our Team Can Be Your Team

You are part of our team, too. People are your most valuable assets when it comes to achieving your goals of becoming better, quicker, and smarter. Your company needs marketing strategists that can devise business-focused marketing strategies, integrate their creativity into ground-breaking campaigns, and conduct in-depth data analyses to ensure that every technique is working to its full potential.